Cold meals


45 CZK

Seleccion de quesos - cheese plate with our jam (150 g)

320 CZK

Seleccion de embutidos - charcuterie mix (100 g)

320 CZK

Warm meals

Shrimps PILPIL 15 pieces (garlic, parsley, chilli, olive oil + baguette)

270 CZK

Salchichas caseras - mix of homemade sausager (250 g)

280 CZK

Papas Burger + fries (170 g) 50% beef, 50% pork

300 CZK

Chicken tortilla + fries

290 CZK

Grilled Pork chop, frenchfries

280 CZK

Iberico pork ribs + fries (700 g)

360 CZK

Paella - 1 hour prepare (min. 3 portions)

1 portion 270 CZK

Every day around 20:00

Seafood Paella (shrimps, calamari, mussels, tomatoes, paprika la vera, garlic, parsley, calasparra rice)

Paella Valenciana (chicken, beans, crushed tomatoes, paprika la vera, saffron, rosemary, calasparra rice)

Our Paella

Special offer of our Papas bar is authentic spanish Paella. Our Team under management of chef Josef Kolařík prepare this Paella every evening. Josef Kolařík is till now just only one czech representative of final tournament, World Paella cup 2021.