Cold meals

Cheese plate with our jam

280 CZK

Jamon serrano and truffle salami

320 CZK

Jamon mix

520 CZK

Warm meals

Shrimps PILPIL (garlic, parsley, paprika la vera, tomato, oil) + baguette

190 CZK

Grilled Asturian sausage + dip + baguette

160 CZK

Asturian blood sausage + dip + baguette

160 CZK

Beef sausage provencal style + dip + baguette

160 CZK

Papas Burger (beef, pork, jalapeňos, mayo, tomato, onion, cheese + fries)

300 CZK

Chicken sandwich + French fries

290 CZK

Seafood Paella - 1 hour for preprare

3-4 portions

720 CZK

Every day at 20:00

Seafood Paella (shrimps, calamari, mussels, tomatoes, paprika la vera,

garlic, parsley, calasparra rice)

270 CZK


Paella Valenciana (chicken, beans, crushed tomatoes, saffron, rosemary)

270 CZK


By the daily menu 90 CZK